Earth Day Saturday Alewife Path Clean-up & CSO Tour

Join us Saturday morning, April 23th, for an Earth Day Alewife Greenway Path Clean-Up and CSO Tour! We’ll be working with Everywhere Arlington Safe Streets to gather trash along the path next to the brook. While we’re there, we can show you the CSOs you’ve been hearing so much about. You’ll know us by our new red Save the Alewife Brook t-shirts. 

Free Save the Alewife Brook t-shirts for people who sign up for the clean-up, while supplies last.
  • Bring gloves, water, & garbage picker, if you have one. We’ll provide bags.
  • Meet at Thorndike Field Dog Park at 9:15 am on Saturday, April 23rd
  • Steady rain date: Sunday, April 24th (we’ll proceed in intermittent/light rain)
  • Free t-shirts for volunteers to help spread the word! (while supplies last)

Participants take individual responsibility for their own safety, avoiding touching any suspect items.

Sign up for this event here:

Alewife Path Earthday Sign-up!

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End date: Apr 24, 2022

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23 signatures

Signature goal: 50

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