Boston Globe’s CSO Letters

On Saturday, 04/09/2022, the Boston Globe published our letter in response to the op ed, “The cleanup of Boston Harbor is incomplete”. (Note that we have subsequently determined that the 2021 Alewife discharges were over 50 million gallons.)

Arlington’s Award-Winning Town Engineer, Wayne Chouinard, also had a letter published about the CSOs:

In addition to being Arlington’s Town Engineer, Wayne Chouinard is also the Chair to the MWRA’s Wastewater Advisory Committee. We are very excited about his ideas for green infrastructure throughout the Alewife Watershed!

Note: Mr. Chouinard states that 90% of all MWRA CSO discharges are disinfected. But this is not true in the Alewife! Despite the amount of flooding, the MWRA continues to discharge hazardous untreated sewage into the Alewife Brook. After major flood events, this results in painful digestive disease in the area’s Environment Justice populations who risk a more adverse outcome to exposure to untreated sewage.

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