Mystic Valley Parkway Over Alewife Brook Bridge
The Historic Mystic Valley Parkway Over Alewife Brook Bridge frames the scene at the confluence of the Alewife Brook and Mystic River.

Save the Alewife Brook is working to address flooding and water quality problems in the Alewife Brook. We are specifically concerned with the Combined Sewer Overflow discharges which send sewage-contaminated water into the Alewife Brook. During flood events, that unsafe water enters the homes, yards, and parks of area residents. Save the Alewife Brook is also concerned with the threats associated with Climate Change, including an increase in sewage water discharges and an increase in flooding.

During major flood events, sewage contaminated water from the Alewife Brook is conveyed into the homes, yards, and parks of our most diverse and vulnerable neighborhoods. There are an estimated 1200 Arlington residents in the 100 year flood plain near the Alewife Brook. To make matters worse, the Alewife reverses direction during some flood events, sending that contaminated floodwater back to North Cambridge, towards Cambridge’s most diverse and vulnerable neighborhood. Climate Change threatens to exacerbate the problem, with wetter rain seasons, more frequent and more severe storms, and sea level rise. 

Environmental Health is Community Health

Representatives Sean Garballey and Dave Rogers Vote for Federal ARPA Funding for CSOs, Sewer Infrastructure, and Climate Change Resilience

In a recent article about the new ARPA funding, Representative Sean Garballey was quoted as saying, “As the chair of the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, I was proud to work on and help secure $100 million toward infrastructure for communities to adapt and become climate resilient, $100 million for water-and-sewer…

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