HONK! Parade

On Sunday October 9, 2022, thirty supporters of Save the Alewife Brook marched in HONK! Fest from Davis Square in Somerville to Harvard Square in Cambridge.

©Greg Cook photo Puppeteers Cooperative present Save the Alewife Brook at HONK! 2022

 Sara Peattie’s Puppeteers Cooperative marched with us, leading the way with a family of sea horses and the huge four-person puppet named Big Blue, the Goddess of Clean Water. Following the puppets was Kara Casey and her two water protectors, as the “Mermaid in Mourning”. The Mermaid was crying because she was covered in trash and other brook debris, dragging a long, clanking trail of bottles and cans. Following the Mermaid was a school of hand-made GHOST FISH swimming upstream, carried by folks in bright red shirts emblazoned with Alewife fish, chanting:


Make your own GHOST FISH by following David Stoff’s instruction set!

There were thousands and thousands of people along Mass Ave, as we marched into Harvard Square! What an amazing day for a parade – there was not a cloud in the sky! Everybody was out to see the bright and noisy spectacle. SAVE THE ALEWIFE BROOK distributed hundreds of stickers and collected more signers for our email petition to end Alewife Brook sewage pollution and flooding in the face of Climate Change. 

Thanks to everyone who participated:

Cecily Miller, Sara Peattie, Kara Casey and family, Alida Castillo, Sue Janowitz,
Ann McDonald, Crystal Maier, Maggie Starvish, Beth Melofchik, Gilbert Martin, Matthew De Remer & family, Cullen Malone, Gerda Brown, Thomas Close,
Joel Snider, Veronique Bailly, Monique McNally and Barg, Gerda Brown,
Sandy Durmaskin, Diane Martin, Paige Gromfin, Jonathon Forbes, Jean Devine, David Stoff, Gwen Speeth, Kristin Anderson,
& The Mystic River Watershed Association.

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