March 2022 Letter to Regulators from StAB & Watershed Associations

March 11, 2022   Via email   Regional Administrator David Cash Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100 Boston, MA 02109   Commissioner Martin Suuberg Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection One Winter Street Boston, MA 02108   Dear Regional Administrator Cash and Commissioner Suuberg:   We are at anContinue reading “March 2022 Letter to Regulators from StAB & Watershed Associations”

Somerville’s 2017 Infrastructure Presentation

New projects described here include combined sewer separation, flood control are encouraging. Interesting data about how old Somerville’s sewer infrastructure is and how little work has been done to modernize it in the last hundred years.

Court Case 2016 Document, including Compliance Order 239, USA v. MDC & CLF v. MDC

Doug Foy, Esq., director of the Conservation Law Foundation, who brought the groundbreaking Boston Harbor Clean-up lawsuit, probably quoting an ubran sociologist, said, “A great city had three characteristics: It had world-renown cultural and educational institutions. It had enduring distinctive residential neighborhoods, and it had a body of water that it embraced.”

Cambridge’s 2019 Alewife District Plan

This is Cambridge’s 2019 Alewife Planning and Development document. It includes information about flooding, water quality, open space, green infrastructure, and Climate Change.