Earth Day Alewife Path Clean-up & CSO Tour

Join us Saturday morning, April 22nd, for an Earth Day Alewife Greenway Path Clean-Up and CSO Tour! We’ll be working to gather trash along the path next to the brook. While we’re there, we will provide a tour of the Concrete Sewage Death Channel and the CSOs. Come see GHOST FISH art and listen to Babam the brass band!  

Free Save the Alewife Brook t-shirts for people who sign up for the clean-up, while supplies last.
  • Bring gloves, water, & garbage picker, if you have one. We’ll provide bags.
  • Meet at Thorndike Field Dog Park at 9:15 am on Saturday, April 22nd
  • We’ll proceed in intermittent/light rain. No rain date.
  • Free t-shirts for volunteers to help spread the word! (while supplies last)

Participants take individual responsibility for their own safety, avoiding touching any suspect items.

Sign up for this event here:

Alewife Path Earthday 2023 Sign-up!

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End date: Apr 30, 2023

Signatures collected: 45

Signature goal: 50

45 signatures

Signature goal: 50

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