Public CSO Meeting Strategy

We need a strong show of support on Wednesday night. The MWRA must make major upgrades to their regional sewer system. Their sewer system reaches capacity during many storm events. This is when sewage pollution is dumped into our rivers and streams. The MWRA will not fix the problem if they think no one cares. Let them know you care!

The meeting date is Wednesday June 29th at 6 PM.

Unable to attend the meeting? Send an email asking for an End to Alewife Sewage Pollution by clicking here. Just add your name to it and feel free to edit the email!

Meeting Talking Points:

On May 23, 2022, the EPA provided the following guidance to the Alewife CSO permittees (Somerville, Cambridge, MWRA):

  1. Future climate change impacts to be incorporated into new sewer infrastructure planning and performance models.
  2. Real public participation in the early stages of planning and throughout.
  3. Improvement in water quality.
  4. Flood control measures must be taken.
  5. Significant gray and green infrastructure work on DCR property, including at Dilboy Park.
  6. Sewer infrastructure upgrades.
  7. Possible dredging or dechannelization of the Alewife Brook.
  8. Funding for the work must be equitable and not fall upon lower income residents who cannot afford it.
  9. Wide-ranging projects and major facility upgrades to the MWRA regional system, including possible expansion or rebuilding of the Caruso Pump Station, the key connection point for the MWRA North System. The Caruso Pump Station is known to be a flow restriction in significant storm events.
  10. Adequately consider and protect the Environmental Justice communities along Alewife Brook.

We agree with the EPA on these points and demand that the great cities of Somerville and Cambridge and the MWRA follow the EPA’s guidance. These are our talking points.

You should be allowed to speak at the meeting, after the video presentation is shown. Please raise your hand and take a stand for the Alewife Brook!

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