Your Voice Matters! Sewage Pollution Meeting #3

Alewife Sewage Pollution Control Public Meeting #3
Wednesday, November 15th at 6 pm

Please. We really need you to come to this important meeting.
The EPA and Mass DEP are listening! Your voice matters.

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The EPA and DEP are listening.

Demand an End to Untreated Sewage Pollution!  Less flooding! 
A safe and healthy environment for all animals, including humans!

Sewage Pollution Control Plan Options Include A Combination of These:

  1. Combined sewer separation.
  2. Green stormwater infrastructure including: constructed wetlands, rain gardens, bioswales, & tree trenches.
  3. Removal of illegal sewer hook-ups and replacement of broken sewer pipes that allow groundwater into the sewer system.
  4. Storage, as in underground CSO holding tanks.
  5. A local Alewife CSO treatment facility.
  6. Improved conveyance, meaning increasing the capacity of the MWRA’s sewer pipes and pump stations, which aren’t big enough even to handle current storms… and adding a second sewage treatment plant in the Boston area!

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