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Support House Bill 886 ~ An Act Relative to Combined Sewer Overflows
A Sensible, Achievable, and Necessary Response to Raw Sewage Being Dumped into our Waterways through Combined Sewer Outfalls

Register to speak about the second to last bill, H.886.
The deadline to register to testify, either in person or virtually, is Monday, October 23rd at noon. So please register right now!

Come to the hearing, either in person or online! When it’s your turn to speak, please say that you want the committee immediately to issue a favorable report on H.886, and express your concerns that CSOs are contaminating Alewife Brook.
If you have a personal story, those are most compelling. You will have only three minutes to speak, so you’ll need to be concise.

H.886 An Act relative to combined sewer overflowsDavid M. Rogers

We need state legislation to end sewage being dumped in our waterways because MWRA has told us it has no intention of going beyond the bare minimum federal law requires them to do. 

H.886 is realistic, outcome-oriented, and consistent with current technologies and procedures:

Recognizing that some CSOs may need to discharge in large storms to prevent sewer backups for some time, this legislation requires that, in 10 years, each of the CSOs then in the MWRA sewer service area either:

1. Have the treatment across the system now provided at only five CSOs; 


2. Ensure that CSOs only activate during 25+year storms, and not during smaller storms (five CSOs along Dorchester Bay already have 25-year level of control)

For more information about this legislation, watch the public CSO briefing for legislators (organized by the Charles and Mystic River Watershed Associations), on October 19th:

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