Cambridge Students March to Save the Alewife!

On May 17th, students from Cambridge’s Fayerweather Street School rallied to end the sewage pollution that is destroying our environment. They marched from their school to the Alewife Brook, where the 3rd & 4th Grade students leading the year-long watershed project had installed an educational public art exhibit.

Students also wrote letters to state legislators asking for their support of pending CSO bill House.886, and Representative Steve Owens was at Fayerweather to hear the speeches and singing, which preceded the students’ march to the river.

Photos courtesy of the Fayerweather School

Students Produced Powerful Messages

The signs that students carried on their march said:

Be the Solution, Not the Pollution!

This Stinks, Literally!

Stop the Sewage!

Fight for the Fish!

Save the Alewife Brook!

Make the River Clean Again!

Make the World a Better Place!  

No More Sewage in the Alewife Brook!

Students Created Educational Environmental Art

The students installed an art exhibit near Cambridge’s worst Combined Sewer Outfall, CAM401A, behind the Alewife T parking garage. This space is owned by Green Cambridge, who generously offered it to the Fayerweather Street School for their inspiring project.

Thank you, Fayerweather Students!

Following the Fayerweather Street School’s March and Art Installation, Save the Alewife Brook has received many new signatures for our Petition to End Sewage Pollution.

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