A Brief Annotated Guide

to Tonight’s

CSO Powerpoint Presentation

Which is Meant to Make You Think that Alewife Brook Sewage Pollution is a Good Thing

Annotated Slides by David Stoff

Meeting materials can be downloaded from the documents tab here.

By “occasionally, excess flow”, they mean 51 Million Gallons of Untreated Sewage Pollution was dumped in the Alewife Brook in 2021.

Remember …

When they say “Sanitary Wastewater”, what they really mean is hazardous untreated sewage.

When they say “sewer overflows can’t be eliminated“, what they mean is the money they save by not fixing the problem is more important than you are.

When they say the stormwater is so dirty that it is a waste of money to eliminate sewage pollution discharges, what they mean is that they get to keep using the Alewife Brook as an open sewer until it’s so clean you could wade through it and not get sick.

Lastly… This Land is Your Land.

The Alewife Brook and its parkland is owned by the people. It was established in 1893 by the Metropolitan Parks Commission, under the guidance of visionary landscape architect Charles Eliot. Charles Elliot’s intention was to preserve parkland connections for the public which would

“provide fresh air, scenic beauty, and opportunities for quiet repose – antidotes to the ills of urban life.”

From The Trustees of Reservations website

Charles Elliot did not intend for the Alewife Brook and its parkland to remain a dangerous open sewer that makes people sick.

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