Thank You for Considering Climate Change

by Kristin Anderson & David White

There’s quite a lot for Save the Alewife Brook to be thankful for on these last days of November in 2022. We are especially thankful that the public’s voice is being heard and that Climate Change projections will be included in the new plan to end untreated sewage pollution in the Alewife Brook.

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

First of all, we are thankful to the MWRA, which was created in 1984 for the “preservation and improvement of the health, welfare and living conditions of the citizenry.1 MWRA has agreed to include the projected impacts of Climate Change on precipitation in their sewage pollution control modeling. Save the Alewife Brook deeply appreciates MWRA for including Climate Change in the new plan to end untreated sewage pollution. Thank you, MWRA. ❤️


We are thankful for the city of Cambridge’s forward-thinking work on Climate Resilience. We are grateful to Cambridge DPW for their work over the last few decades to separate the city’s stormwater from their sanitary sewage, and for their construction of the 3.4-acre stormwater wetland next to Little River. This beautiful public park serves as a model for the green infrastructure needed in the new plan to end Alewife Brook sewage pollution. We are especially grateful for Cambridge’s leadership in ensuring that Climate Change projections will be included in the new Combined Sewer Overflow Control Plan modeling. Thank you, Cambridge. ❤️


We are thankful for the new fence that Somerville installed above the Tannery Brook CSO, (just north of Mass Ave), to replace the fence that had fallen into disrepair. The new fence will prevent children, adults, and pets from falling into the sewer outfall. The Tannery Brook CSO belongs to Somerville and contains Somerville sewage and storm water, but it’s located in Cambridge, and has access covers with MWRA’s logo on them. It’s quite confusing, which makes us doubly appreciative of Somerville’s responsiveness in replacing the safety fence.  Thank you, Somerville. ❤️

Thank you!

To our dear supporters: Thank You! for your interest, support, and participation.
We are nothing without you. <3 

1  MWRA Enabling Act, Section 1.(a)

What’s Next?

Save the Alewife Brook Community Meeting
Sunday, December 4th at 7 pm

Alewife CSO Control Plan Public Meeting #2
Thursday, December 15th at 6 pm

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