Local Alewife Brook News Story

There is huge news about a new plan to make desperately needed improvements to the sewage pollution problem in the Alewife Brook. The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has promised to include Climate Change projections in their planning of new area combined sewer infrastructure, in response to the Alewife Brook’s hazardous raw sewage pollution problem.

Including Climate Change projections in the planning of new sewer infrastructure modeling should be a huge win for water quality in the Alewife Brook and for the Environmental Justice Populations who are affected by it.

Local ACMI cable news reporter Jeff Barnd does a terrific job covering the Alewife sewage problem.

Thanks goes out to everyone who has stood up for Environmental Justice in the Alewife Brook. Note: we need to see you all at the Second Public CSO meeting, tentatively scheduled for December 15, 2022.

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