April 24th Community Meeting

Join us on Sunday April 24th at 6 PM

We have an opportunity now to promote our vision for a safer and more beautiful Alewife Brook. Please join us to discuss this on Sunday April 24th at 6 pm for Save the Alewife Brook’s April Community Meeting.

April Meeting Agenda:
  • Draft Scopes for the new Alewife CSO Plans from MWRA, Somerville, & Cambridge.
  • Climate Change & the MWRA’s “Typical Year” CSO Performance & Planning Model.
  • Our Green & Grey Infrastructure “Crayon Sketches”, at MWRA’s request.

Our Vision for the Alewife…

  • A Safe, Beautiful, Fishable Brook for the Residents and for Wildlife
  • Separated Sewer Systems to keep Sewage out of Stormwater
  • Elimination of all Alewife CSOs to End Sewage Pollution
  • New Green Infrastructure to Clean the Stormwater
  • An Additional Alewife Pumping Station Near Little River
  • New Grey Infrastructure to Reduce Flooding in the Face of Climate Change

One thought on “April 24th Community Meeting

  1. I’m unclear how it has ever been acceptable for sewage to flow into our waters, rivers, yards. I think Fred
    Laskey does great work, am surprised this still happens on his watch, frankly, though it’s clear these changes are historically under addressed, huge and need interagency involvement. I’m glad EPA is on board to change. I’m glad to see the move forward for addressing this locally widespread issue, would like to attend Apr 24 meeting and see how I might help.

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