March 13th Community Meeting

Mallards at the Alewife Wetlands on 02/27/2022. Photography by Cambridge resident Jeff Dunn.

Join us on Sunday March 13th at 7 PM

Please join us on Sunday March 13th at 7 pm for Save the Alewife Brook’s March Community Meeting!

We’ll discuss the looming April 1st deadline, when Cambridge, Somerville, and the MWRA are required to submit the initial scope of their new Long Term CSO (Combined Sewer Overflows) Control Plan for the Alewife. We have an opportunity now to promote our vision for a safer and more beautiful Alewife Brook.

At the Final CSO Report meeting on February 17th, MWRA’s Executive Director Fred Laskey promised us, “We’ll give you whatever you want!” So let’s meet to discuss how we can hold the MWRA to their promise.

“We’ll give you whatever you want!”

– fred Laskey, Executive Director of the massachusetts water resources authority

Our Vision for the Alewife…

  • A Safe, Beautiful, Fishable Brook for the Residents and for Wildlife
  • Separated Sewer Systems to keep Sewage out of Stormwater
  • Elimination of all Alewife CSOs to End Sewage Pollution
  • New Green Infrastructure to Clean the Stormwater
  • An Additional Alewife Pumping Station Near Little River
  • New Grey Infrastructure to Reduce Flooding in the Face of Climate Change

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